Smoke Over Steamtown

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    Through Dennis A. Livesey’s camera lens, readers will experience the thrill of the steam railroad, a transportation system that dominated the USA for over 100 years and helped build a nation.

    smoke over steamtown

    CN 3254 has coaled up and is heading for it’s train for today’s excursion. This is an outtake from Dennis A. Livesey’s book on Steamtown. 10/09/10


    In 131 photographs of Steamtown―a heritage railroad―see the billowing smoke and the flashing steel rods that turn enormous spoked wheels, hear the scream of the whistle, and listen as veteran railroaders share their stories and wisdom. Find out what it means to be in charge of the handbrake on a 400-passenger train as it begins a downhill descent. This book goes beyond train hardware and history, sharing stories so that those outside the railfan community can appreciate the importance of preserving this part of our history.

    “Dennis Livesey takes us on a journey and shows us people with skills knowledge that many no longer have.”

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