The Railroad Nation is dedicated to the promotion of preservation railroading and the history of American railroads. My name is Terry DeFranco and also author the tourist railroad site ScenicRailExcursions.com

Originally titled RailroadNation.com I was forced to start over do to a lapse in my understanding of the dire situation of my webhost, that abruptly went out of business.

As the site develops, I will be following news stories on tourist railroad attractions and rail fan events.

Preservation railroads are my passion. I try to find stories about scenic rail excursions and events for every rail fan’s enjoyment. Steam engines represent our great railroad heritage, and preserving them for future generations to enjoy is a  constant battle against time.  Succeeding in maintaining and running these early work horses is an expensive endeavor. And mostly due to dedicated volunteers, generous donations and railroad fans everywhere, we are able to enjoy their one of a kind experiences.

I also support future railroading. High Speed Rail has proven to be successful in Asia and a Europe and must happen in the US as we confront increased vehicle pollution and energy issues.

So.   Let’s Talk trains!

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  1. Katie D says:

    My name is Katie Davison and I am the marketing intern at the Hagley Museum in Wilmington. At the end of every month we put together a marketing report for all the publicity we have gotten and we submit that number to the administration. Since we have recently been a source for a picture on your site, I was wondering if you’d be able to provide the number of hits you get to your website. Please respond at your earliest convenience!

    Nice blog by the way!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest in The Railroad Nation.
      We are currently averaging 900+ visitors/month.

      Terry DeFranco

      • Terry – i had breakfast with Pete this morning here in Burnsville NC.
        i had NO idea you were involved in trains with your R/R Nation. i will study your work and get back soon. Pete is such a delight, our elder, the man with wisdom and older jokes to go with it.
        my history is the Southern R/R/ track in back of my house. At age 4 1942, the war trains go heavier and heavier, and by 1944 the steamers would have to double back (split load, return for second half) and i watched every minute of it. WOW – i will study and get back to you. tony

  2. Became aware of this via facebook when a FB friend listed it as one of his “likes”. Plan to be back. I am a 39 year member of the Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven Ky. I now serve as Curator and a locomotive engineer as well as an instructor of engineers. Could tell some “horror stories” of what I went through years ago as a woman wanting to play with the “boy’s toys” . But the problem people are no longer around, and we are all free to enjoy and fully participate in the fascinating world of railroading and its history.

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