Railfest 2012 at the Texas State Railroad

The Texas State Railroad will be holding it’s 2012 Railfest at the Rusk Depot over May 5 and 6.

Texas State Railroad's Engine 300

Texas State Railroad's Engine 300 returns its train to the Rusk depot on a sunny spring afternoon. Photo by Jonathan Gerland

Saturday, May 5

  • Locomotive Shop Tour
    4:00pm to 5:30pm
    Explore the locomotive shop in Rusk that houses TSRR‘s engines and rolling stock.

    See the progress on restoration of Engine 400 and TSRR coaches. Special photo opportunities.
    Tickets: sold as a package with the Night Photo Shoot – There will be time to go in to Rusk for dinner between the shop tour and Night Photo session.
  • Night Photo Shoot
    Capture great photos of the steam locomotives and equipment at the Rusk Locomotive and Coach Matinenance facility. For the night photography neophytes, we will have a brief instructional session, then,several opportunities to capture photos of the rolling stock with special lighting – the railroad equipment will be “painted” by spotlight for unique effects! Note: Photographers must bring tripods, cable release or remote trigger and unless you are completely familiar with all the settings necessary for night shooting, please bring your camera’s manual. A pocket sized flashlight or headlamp is handy to adjust your settings. Be sure you have plenty of film or memory cards and sufficient battery power.
    Tickets: $25 per person including Shop Tour and Night Photo Shoot.

Sunday, May 6

  • Photo Excursion Special Mixed Freight/Passenger consist from Rusk to Palestine and return.
    9:00am departure to approximately 3:30pm
    Enjoy a full day of railroading with photo runs including some location that are not accessible from the highway. Seating in the Lone Star Class with Combine and Open Air coach for observation.
    Tickets: $99 per person


  • Locomotive Shop Tour
    4:00pm to 5:30pm
    Another chance to explore the locomotive shop in Rusk that houses TSRR’s engines and rolling stock. Special photo opportunities as the operating crew switches and “ties up” the excursion consist.

             Tickets: Included with Photo Excursion ticket


Call 888-987-2461 to book your tickets for Railfest 2012!

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