Norfolk Southern 2012 Steam Excursions

Steam Excursions for NKP 765

& Southern No. 630 Announced

The 2012 steam excursions schedule for Norfolk Southern employees this spring and summer has been tentatively announced. There will also be several events where the locomotives will be on display for rail fans along with several opportunities to see both steam locomotives in action.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s Southern Railway 2-8-0, No. 630, and the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society’s Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4, No. 765, will be pulling the  steam excursions  on weekends during the months of June, July, August, and September.

Tentative schedules for Southern No.630 and NKP 765 2012 steam excursions.

                                                                     Southern No. 630

Southern 630 passes through a slice of forgotten rural Georgia. To the left is the town's old doctor's office, while to the right is a filling station - long abandoned - that dates back to the roaring 20's.- Photo by Dave Crosby

June 2-3: Inman Yard (Atlanta) to Austell, Ga.

June 9-10: Salisbury to Barber, N.C.

June 30-July 1: Roanoke to Walton, Va.

July 14-15: Knoxville to Coster (North Knoxville)

Sept. 15-16: Irondale Yard (Birmingham) to 14th Street in downtown Birmingham.

                                                                     Nickel Plate Road No. 765

The clouds clear as NKP 765 performs a run by at the Ithaca park during the 2011 fall color excursion. -Photo by Steven Mckay

July 21-22: Bellevue to Colsan (Bucyrus), Ohio

July 28-29: Homestead Yard to Airline Yard in Toledo, Ohio

Aug. 4-5: Williamson to Naugatuck, W.Va.

Aug. 11-12: Conway Yard, Conway, Pa. to CP Wood (Homewood, Pa.)

Aug. 18-19: Enola Yard (Harrisburg, Pa.) to CP Capital, a junction in Harrisburg

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9 Responses to Norfolk Southern 2012 Steam Excursions

  1. admin says:

    Trains’ Newswire is reporting that Norfolk Southern has announced more steam trips this summer:

    “July 7: Roanoke to Bristol, VA (one way with bus return)

    July 8: Bristol to Knoxville (one way with bus return)

  2. Kathy Coughlin says:

    Is the recently added July 7th Roanoke to Bristol excursion for Norfolk Southern employees only?

    • admin says:

      “The trips will be one-way ferry moves between terminals, where employees take part in roundtrip excursions.” -Trains Newswire

  3. admin says:

    This is the latest schedule. Each division will host a few short trips each day of each weekend. The trips typically are 10-15 miles out, then the train turns and comes back.

    June 2-3, SOU 630 Georgia Division. boarding at Spring Street turn at Forest Park

    June 9-10, SOU 630 Piedmont Division. boarding at Spencer turn at Barber

    June 30-July 1, SOU 630 Virginia Division. boarding at Roanoke turn at Walton

    July 14-15, SOU 630 Central Division.boarding at Knoxville turn at Coster

    July 21-22, NKP 765 Lake Division.boarding at Bellevue turn at ???

    July 28-29, NKP 765 Dearborn Division. boarding at Homestead turn at Airline

    Aug. 4-5, NKP 765 Pocahontas Division.boarding at Williamson turn at Naugatuck

    Aug. 11-12, NKP 765 Pittsburgh Division. boarding at Conway turn at Homewood

    Aug. 18-19, NKP 765 Harrisburg Division. boarding at Enola turn at CP-Capitol

    August 20 – Harrisburg-Pittsburgh, Pa. (deadhead)

    August 21 – Pittsburgh-Bellevue, Ohio (deadhead)

    August 22 – Bellevue-Fort Wayne, Ind. (deadhead)

    Sept. 8-9, NKP 765 Illinois Division.boarding at Berkeley turn at St. Peters

    Sept 11 – Decatur, Ill.-Fort Wayne, Ind. (deadhead)

    Sept. 15-16, SOU 630 Alabama Division. boarding at Irondale turn at 14th St.

  4. admin says:

    Problems with overheating bearings on Southern Railway 2-8-0 No. 630 has now sidelined the engine for several weeks. The locomotive was to pull excursions out of Roanoke on July 7, and from Bristol, Tenn., on July 8 as part of Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam program. Instead, the trips will be pulled by one of Norfolk Southern’s heritage diesels.

  5. Dennis Lesher says:

    Hi, Where could I find out when and where the nkp765 is leaving Harrisburg on the 20th of Angust 2012.

  6. admin says:

    Sept 1 & 2: Chattanooga, TN to Cleveland, TN (two round trips per day) – In conjunction with TVRM’s Anniversary Celebration “Railfest”, round trip mainline excursion trains will operate from Chattanooga to Cleveland. Departing from TVRM’s Grand Junction Station, the train will travel to Cleveland through Ooltewah, using NS’s Knoxville route. The train will turn around on the wye track in Cleveland. Passengers will remain on the train until it returns to Grand Junction. Tickets are $45 for the excursion which includes single day Railfest admission.

    • Dave Bland says:

      Although a long time railfan (especially steam) I just found the Railroad Nation site – great ! If there is an email notification list, please add me to it. I am hungry for a steam ride or chase in 2013!


  7. Randy B says:

    Is there any chance that NS will operate any steam excursion in New Orleans like Southern Railway did until 1985

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