McCloud Steam Engine No. 25 Coming to Oregon Coast Scenic Railway

McCloud Railway 2-6-2 No. 25 has left its California home of 86 years and has been  shipped to its new location in Oregon. Crews spent much of the week loading the engine and tender onto trucks inside the shop at McCloud, Calif., after heavy snows made it impossible to load outside. The 1925 Alco has long been an icon at this lumber railroad that runs along the base of Mount Shasta. The engine has been sold to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railway in Garibaldi, Ore.

The tender arrived in Tillamook, Ore., on Wednesday.

Oregon Coast is adding onto the Garibaldi engine house to make room for No. 25 and until it is finished around May 1, No. 25 will be stored in the Tillamook blimp hanger that also houses and air museum. No. 25 last ran in November 2008, and plans call for it to begin its new career in Oregon in May.

McCloud #25 moving to Oregon – RailroadForums.Com

We have worked through Martin Hansen to secure the locomotive with the sale being finalized after OCSR inspected the engine in McCloud on Tuesday. OCSR is planning to move the locomotive in March and have it ready to pull our passenger … #25 went through the boiler recertification about 2 years ago, which was one of the major selling points. It is very hard, almost impossible, to find a steam locomotive for sale that doesn’t require the boiler recirt as a minimum to put …

Publish Date: 02/12/2011 3:00


End of an Era: Last Local Ride of Steam Engine #25

mccloud, CA – With a burst from its whistle that echoed off the surrounding hills, Steam Engine #25 made its last local runs during the weekend of Nov 1st-2. Due to the high cost of maintenance and upkeep, the mccloud Railway intends to …

Publish Date: 11/03/2008 11:42

McCloud River Railroad #25 – Last Run – MP 5

2 2008 marked the last run of McCloud Railway’s last steam locomotive, number 25. I was honored to be apart of the crew that day. Here is a shot from one of the runby’s east of McCloud around MP 5, this was the last steam locomotive …

Publish Date: 10/02/2010 14:32

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  2. fred dougherty says:

    I think it is a great idea that the past lives on to some degree. i enjoy the old traions for their nostalgic looks and feel, they are history that has help build this state and the whole of USA. Riding them is very enjoyable way to feel like you are stepping back into a slower time, when things were less hectic , well by todays standards. I really wish there were more lengthly excursions up the coast, since there isnt alot for entertainment if you dont fish, dune or gamble. it would be a great way to spend a day or weekend . As for 25 itself , i have seen it pull and have been on it when she was in calif. A great lady and my train set as ia kid was # 25 alco, a bit ironic i think. if you enjoy slow times and relaxing then this is a great way to do it

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