Heber Valley Railroad Funding Details Released

UP 2-8-0 #618 leads the 'Provo Canyon Limited' Photo by James Belmont

HEBER CITY, Utah — Details about  Heber Valley Railroad‘s new funding from Heber City were released and should be enough to help it keep operations going during a tough winter. The town has donated $15,000 to the cause, and will offer an additional $10,000 in financing if other public bodies agree to contribute as well.

“We went in against all odds last night and came out with a favorable result,” said Craig Lacey, Heber Valley’s general manager.

After a Dec. 19  mudslide closed Heber Valley’s line between Decker Bay and Deer Creek Dam,  shorter Christmas Train trips resulted in  less revenue. Other winter operations were completely shut down.

Lacey said the public turned out to support his bid for municipal money. Businesspeople from the community told council members the railroad is essential to the region’s tourism, and asked that money be provided. He’s hopeful an upcoming meeting with county officials will yield more money.

In the meantime, the mudslide is to be cleared prior to the start of operations in May, and Lacey said plans call for the start of a comprehensive plan that will set benchmarks for the railroad. “This is just the beginning of the path we need to go down,” he said. 

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  1. Nancy says:

    I purchased a $50 gift certificate for the Heber Valley Railroad from citydeals.com it expires 12/31/2011. When I called today to redeem it they tell me that city deals has not paid them and they will not honor it.

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