Guide to North American Steam Locomotives

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    The latest Guide to North American Steam Locomotives covers the fascinating history and development of steam locomotives in North American.

    From famous speed demons to underrated heavy haulers, this list chronicles our Top 15 picks for extinct classes of American Steam Locomotives!



    From the editors of Trains Magazine, the Guide to North American Steam Locomotives author George H. Drury tells the stories behind the locomotives, including their rosters,  explains the many different wheel arrangements, streamlining and more with photos, summaries, along with specifications for hundreds of locomotives.


    This newly reformatted book traces the history of steam locomotive development in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico since 1900. Packed with 336 pages of content, this essential all-in-one reference guide should be a cornerstone of your library.
    It includes:

    • Comprehensive rosters for major railroads.
    • Histories of locomotive builders and locomotive types.
    • 420 photos in a large, full-page format.


    This newly revised paperback guide to 20th century steam locomotives is an outstanding book that is an essential railfan resource.¬† The provides the most complete reference on the steam locomotives that powered North American Railroads up to the 1960’s. Drury’s thorough research provides extensively detailed¬† information on steam locomotives, how they worked and the railroads that used them.

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