2012 USA by Rail Guidebook, 8th Edition Released

USA by Rail Guidebook, 8th Edition: Plus Canada’s Main Routes

(Bradt Travel Guide USA by Rail)

Author: John Pitt

The grandeur of North America’s scenery, from its never-ending prairies to the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, is one of the continent’s greatest attractions – and what better way to enjoy it than by train?

Trains have had a strong hold on the popular imagination, inspiring countless stories, songs, scandals, films, and legends. Their rugged charm sets them apart from more mundane means of transport and their low environmental impact is of particular current interest. Pampered by helpful attendants, you can travel from coast to coast, explore the Rocky Mountains and ride directly alongside two oceans. Author John Pitt, describes more than 37 routes crisscrossing the USA and shows how to make the most of your rail pass.

The six edition of USA by Rail was fully revised and included comprehensive advice on everything from ticket types to tipping, as well as a section on the history of North American railways. With 25 long-distance train journeys across the United States, and a further 12 in Canada, this is the essential handbook for anyone planning to explore this vast continent by rail.
Inside you will find:

* 37 long-distance routes in the USA and Canada
* Up-to-date timetables
* Sightseeing and accommodations in 38 major cities
* 100 steam railways and museums
* Area maps and route plans

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Wilfred: The 8th and newest edition will be out in June 2012…..It will have updated routes for Alaska and the lower 48 plus Canada. Will wait for the new one.

Anna : An excellent book which tells you all you need to know. I traveled all over North America by train last summer and found “USA by Rail” terrifically useful, especially for its clear and detailed route guides. These add so much to a journey by telling you in advance what to look out for and explaining the background to the things you are seeing. The chapter for visitors from overseas was very helpful and there’s fascinating information about railroad history as well as lots of practical tips for finding accommodation, booking tickets and making reservations. The previous reviewer must have been looking at an earlier version of the book because I found the third edition (published last year) to be fully up to date so far as Amtrak routes are concerned. This edition also has a competition inside to win free rail passes. I can recommend USA by Rail to anyone visiting North America and thinking of traveling by train as it will add hugely to your enjoyment and understanding. An inspiring read in every way.

Michael A. Cose: This is probably the best book I found that gives you detail and Information on each stop that Amtrak services. Plus it gives you things to watch out for as you
travel aboard on Amtrak. Is a kind of book that you read before you goes and use it when you do goes. It gives me the kind of Information that I would need for my search as I will be using this book while I’m traveling through the Country for a month on Amtrak. So whatever you do, if your looking to travel on Amtrak or not and want to know more about and where Amtrak goes then Get the book you won’t be disappointed!



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