2011 Tourist Trains Guidebook

The newest tourist rail handbook for 2011 is boasting of having more full-page reviews than previous years and has been thoroughly updated and accurized. The third edition of the Tourist Trains Guidebook, gives train fans and those who like to travel a detailed look at 175 of the most popular train attractions in North America. The guidebook also lists 300 additional train rides, museums and historical depots of interest. Also included are regional maps showing the location of the sites . With the updated Tourist Trains Guidebook 3, train lovers can plan vacations centered around railroading or beef up the itinerary of an existing trip with a train ride or visit to a train-centric site.

Inside the 2011 tourist guidebook by Trains magazine you will also find valuable discounts for over 70 major railroad attractions that will more than pay for the book after using them the first time.

The authors include the editorial staff of Trains magazine as well as the magazine’s leading contributors from across the country. Sharing a love of trains, the authors reviewed the sites from first-hand experience.

Customer Reviews:
“Trains still run wild in the imagination, even as society pushes them to the side for other methods. Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, “Tourist Trains Guidebook” is a guide to the world of the train throughout the United States and Canada. Covering train sites from still active railroads, historic train-related sites, top dinner cars that still run today, museums, and so much more, it presents more than four hundred and fifty articles to whet the appetite of any train lover. “Tourist Trains Guidebook” is the perfect gift for railroading enthusiasts, as well as vacation and/or business travelers.”

– Midwest book reviews

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